The traditional Florentine technique of stone mosaics was born as a result of Lorenzo De' Medici's love of precious stones during the 1500's. In 1558 his descendant Ferdinando founded the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the laboratory of precious and semi-precious stones. Throughout the centuries this workshop has produced marvelous objects that can still be admired.

Ponte Vecchio Mosaic
during construction
  B ERTI, workshop of the Berti brothers Alessio and Patrizio, continues the same noble tradition. The same passion for stones, the same secrets of the trade, help us to create or reproduce the wonderful objects that seem to spring from the hands of Renaissance master artisans.

Berti A&P s.n.c. di Alessio e Patrizio Berti
Via del Padule 23/D - 50018 Scandicci - Italy

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